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Gabriella and Madision

Do you know how many dating sites are on the Internet?

5000+. Besides, choosing a dating site with the best profile is very difficult, especially for women. If you are a woman or a girl, you must have received a lot of harassment from male members, whether it is rude words or disgusting genital photos, while using the general dating website. These self-righteous male members believe that female users of dating sites must be hooked up with them. So we created her dating site. Speaking of it, you must be very curious about our founders?

About our founder

The Her Dating Site was founded by the British bisexual glamour girl - Gabriella and the American lesbians - Madison. You are starting to wonder how people from two different countries will cooperate. In the summer of 2017, Gabriella complained on Tinder that it was difficult to meet the like-minded "HER". By chance, the site recommended the website expert Madison to her. After a month of hot chat, they set up an enviable couple. In 2018, They jointly negotiated the creation of this website for women.

Early growth & funding

At the beginning of 2018, our website had only basic dating features and interfaces without any design. Six months later, through the sponsorship of the members of the site and the investment of the founders, we added several advanced features including local matching, video chat, live video, and advanced search, and have developed Google and Apple Apps. In January 2019, we conducted a technical staff reform, released an anti-fraud system and started supporting Facebook log in. In June 2019, we added a measure to protect women and limit male account functionality. No matter how long, we will continue to lead her dating industry with the principle of inclusiveness and unveil the mystery of girls love girls.

How long does it take to meet "her"?

Click on "Sign Up" and fill in your region, gender, age, and email address. A joining process takes only 30 seconds. Of course, to get a higher quality meeting, you must complete a personality test questionnaire. If you feel troubled, just "skip" it. Women can send messages to anyone for free. For male users, we have taken certain measures.

How do we handle the male account?

We do not allow male users to register, and our website imposes functional restrictions on all-male users:

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If you have questions about her dating, suggestions and bugs for our site or other issues, please contact us.